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Trespassing Pets



Pets are not allowed to trespass onto other homeowners’ properties. If you know who the animal belongs to, please kindly discuss a solution in which both parties can agree. For more information or options, call Washington County Animal Control at (503) 846-7041. Animal control will not respond to pick up wandering cats. However it is legal to use a humane trap and take the animal to the shelter


We Need Your Help!

We Need Your Help!  Get Involved! Come to the next Board meeting: Thursday January 8 at 7:00pm in the Rec Center


A Message from the HOA Board President

Article V of the Cross Creek HOA By-Laws: “Section 1: Number. The affairs of this Association shall be maanged by a Board of seven (7) directors who must be members of the Association.”

For the past three months we have had Six (6) Voting Members and it is unfortunate that we now have had a second Board member resign this past month.

There are many requirements set by the State and County in the operation of the Home-owners Association. It is imperative that we get more owners to attend and help self-manage this Association to comply with our Governing Documents.

For the past year and on half, after Lee Hodenpyle retired, the hours I have personally spent in the management and operation of the HOA have been demanding. These should be shared by volunteer members on the board, so when we are fully manned the pressures are not overwhelming on the remaining members. Homewoners are also needed to serve on various committees.

It is imperative that as an owner you become involved. The only alternative is to seek a management company to fulfill our fiscal, maintenance and governing authority’s requirements. If this were to happen the annual assessment would have to be increased and to what extent we are not sure.

-Don Duncan, President Cross Creek HOA (503-649-9591,