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July, 2016 Times

The July, 2016 issue of the Times newsletter is now available on the website at Mahalo!    

24 Jul, 2016 Nancy Brewer

Neighborhood Garage Sale

Hey Folks, The association-wide garage sale is slated for August 12-14, 2016. Please contact Pamela Collson via text or phone call at 503-680-8886 for more details.

19 Jul, 2016 Nancy Brewer

Thank you from the board of directors!

Hi Folks, The board of directors has written a thank-you letter for voting in the dues increase. See it here.

1 Jul, 2016 Nancy Brewer

May, 2016 Board Meeting Minutes now available.

Hi Folks, The May 12, 2016 board meeting minutes are now available on the website. You can retrieve the document here.

1 Jul, 2016 Nancy Brewer

Website reorganization

Hi All, I’m re-arranging the website so that the amount of links on the home page will be reduced to be at a more manageable level. Please send an email if you have any issues. *protected email* Mahalo!

30 Jun, 2016 Nancy Brewer

6/23/16 Synopsis of the Rec. Center Exterior Improvement Committee

Hi All, The Rec. Center Interior Improvement Committee is in full swing and the first meeting was on 6/23/16. You can view the document here: If you have any comments and are on the Facebook page, please make them there. Otherwise, send them to me at *protected email* and I will pass them on […]

30 Jun, 2016 Nancy Brewer

Member login

While I appreciate the folks who have created a login for the website, please know that it’s currently *not* necessary to be able to view the existing pages on the website. I will be rearranging things so that it’s not so confusing. Mahalo! Nancy

14 Jun, 2016 Nancy Brewer

June, 2016 Times Available

Hi All, The June, 2016 issue of the Times is now available on the website. Go to the Times page to view and download. Mahalo!

14 Jun, 2016 Nancy Brewer

Rec. Center Exterior Improvement Committee meeting

To be held at the Rec. Center on June 23, 2016 at 7:00 pm. Please come and give your input as to what should be done to repair and upgrade the Rec. Center. Hope to see you there! Ted Smyth, Maintenance Board Member

11 Jun, 2016 Nancy Brewer

Calendar Plug-in working once again!

Hey everybody, The Rec. Center calendar plug-in issue has “magically” (they fixed the bug) been fixed! Mahalo!

1 Jun, 2016 Nancy Brewer

May, 2016 Times

The May, 2016 issue of the Cross Creek Times is now up on the website. Get it here.

21 May, 2016 Nancy Brewer

Votes needed

Hi All, The Cross Creek Board of Directors will be canvassing the neighborhood and knocking on the doors of homeowners who haven’t voted yet regarding the dues increase. Please greet them warmly and vote according to your conscience. If you wish, you may download a copy of the 2016 Dues Increase Ballot and turn it […]

19 May, 2016 Nancy Brewer

Welcome to the incoming board!

Hi All, Welcome to the 2016/2017 incoming board members! As of the May 12, 2016 board meeting, they have now officially taken their positions. Refer to the board member contact page for more details.

17 May, 2016 Nancy Brewer

Rec. Center Calendar Update

In lieu of the plug-in I was using (until the issue can be resolved) the individual month’s calendar of events at the Rec. Center is available on the website as downloadable PDF files. Mahalo! Nancy

5 May, 2016 Nancy Brewer

April 2016 Times available

Hi All, The April edition of the Times is now available. Browse to the 2016 Times page for the latest. Mahalo!

22 Apr, 2016 Nancy Brewer

209th & TV Traffic Control Light

Hi All, I’m sure that by now you’ve all noticed that getting onto TV Hwy. (going East or West) from 209th Ave. is a tremendous struggle, *especially* during rush hour traffic. I called Washington County Land Use & Transportation and spoke to Janelle. Since 209th crosses TV Hwy., which is an ODOT jurisdiction, she gave me […]

20 Apr, 2016 Nancy Brewer

CCHOA is now hiring lifeguards!

If you have a lifeguard & First Aid certification, please apply by contacting the current Vice President, Jason Mastrantonio (may change in May) to obtain an application. Please visit the Lifeguard Employment page to see job description, requirements of the job, etc.

15 Apr, 2016 Nancy Brewer

Broken links fixed

Hi All, I was advised at this evening’s board meeting that there were 2 forms that had broken links. These have now been fixed. Thanks to all for your patience. Remember, if you see anything wrong with the site, please email me at *protected email* Mahalo!

15 Apr, 2016 Nancy Brewer

Paint marks on Rosa Rd. in front of Rec. Center

Hi All, Many of you may have noticed a fellow outside on Rosa Rd. painting marks on the asphalt. I stopped and asked him what they were for. He informed me that PGE is putting in updated equipment. Anyway, the paint marks are to identify where all the equipment/lines are that PGE needs. I have […]

12 Apr, 2016 Nancy Brewer

Monthly Board Meeting & Annual Meeting noticee

Hi All, The Cross Creek monthly Board meeting is happening this Thursday at 7:00pm. Bring any suggestions you may have for board nominees or an agenda item(s) for the Annual Homeowner’s Meeting happening on Thursday, April 21, 2016. Meet and greet starts at 6:45 pm the meeting starts at 7:30 pm. Please arrive at 6:45 […]

12 Apr, 2016 Nancy Brewer

Annual Meeting Documents

Posted on the website now are all the documents each homeowner will be receiving shortly regarding the 2016 Annual Homeowner’s Meeting. Be sure to check them out and look for them in the mail. Mahalo!

28 Mar, 2016 Nancy Brewer

Addendum to Annual Meeting Post

Please note that “Meet & Greet” starts at 6:45 pm and the actual meeting start time is 7:30 pm on the third Thursday of April. The date is 4/21/16.

27 Mar, 2016 Nancy Brewer

Upcoming Annual Meeting

The annual homeowner’s meeting is coming up on April 21, 2016. Please show up for the meeting, and if you are unable to do that, send in a proxy vote. A quorum must be met in order to be able to vote for board members.

24 Mar, 2016 Nancy Brewer

March 2016 Times now available

The March edition of the Times is now available! Please go to the 2016 Times page to obtain it. We also welcome the newest board member, Mark Harrington! Mark has assumed the duties of Property Standards and Jason is now the Vice President. Thanks for volunteering! 

19 Mar, 2016 Nancy Brewer

February 11, 2016 Minutes are now available

Hi All, The February 11, 2016 minutes are now available on the website!  Mahalo!

11 Mar, 2016 Nancy Brewer

President resigned!

Tonight at the monthly board meeting, the President, Donel Duncan, resigned his position on the board of directors.

11 Mar, 2016 Nancy Brewer

February, 2016 Times now available

Hi all, The February, 2016 issue of the Cross Creek Times  is now available on the 2016 CC Times page.  Expect delivery this weekend. Mahalo! Nancy

19 Feb, 2016 Nancy Brewer

Google’s “This site may be hacked.” message

Hi All, Apparently, Google has a message that the Cross Creek site may have been hacked. I have submitted a request to Google to re-review it and it may take a few days, but I’m confident that the review will remove the message once they’ve determined the site is now ok. Norton has verified the […]

19 Feb, 2016 Nancy Brewer

January, 2016 Board Meeting Minutes

The board approved the minutes for the January meeting. Find them on the site at the 2016 Board Meeting Minutes page. As a note: only 2 lots were represented at the February 11, 2016 meeting. One of the lot members, Kelli Smyth, is now a CCHOA Board Member serving in the capacity of the board […]

12 Feb, 2016 Nancy Brewer

Website Maintenance, Comments, or Complaints

If you have any comments about content on this site, please send an email to *protected email*

10 Feb, 2016 Nancy Brewer

Downloadable Documents

As a blanket note: All documents that can be downloaded from this site are in PDF format. If you do not have the Adobe PDF reader, you can obtain it here.

10 Feb, 2016 Nancy Brewer

Norton or other Anti-Virus Program Issues with CCHOA website

Since the old website had been hacked and malicious JavaScript and code had been put on it, Norton Security has labeled the site as malicious. A user entity has been created on Norton’s site and verified the site and asked for a re-evaluation as the site has been completely re-vamped/re-created and our new web host […]

10 Feb, 2016 Nancy Brewer

Making progress…

I’ve been working on the website fora number of days now. The infection of the original was so bad that I had to just start over. It was just taking too many man-hours to try to get rid of all of the malicious JavaScript that it is, at this point, more expedient to start from […]

6 Feb, 2016 Nancy Brewer

New website!

Hello Cross Creek HOA homeowners and renters! Please be patient while the site is reconstructed. The previous one had been hacked and was riddled with numerous malicious JavaScripts, way too many for me to deal with effectively. Mahalo! Nancy

6 Feb, 2016 Nancy Brewer