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We live on the corner of 207th & Wright St. Aloha, OR I'm currently the webmaster, & Full-charge Bookkeeper for the Association.

2018 Annual Garage Sale

The annual CCHOA garage sale is on June 22-24, Friday-Sunday. Participate in one or all days.

CCHOA will place signs up at Rosa on 198th and on 209th. Individual homes are responsible for placing signs within the neighborhood. Please be respectful of our neighbors at the corners where signs are usually placed. These signs MUST be removed as soon as the sale is over.

Happy Halloween!

We hope everyone had an enjoyable Halloween and had lots of trick-or-treaters. :^)

My vote for the “best” Halloween decorations is for the house on the SW corner of 207th & Rosa Rd. – even though the decorations got blown all over the place on the 30th!

“accessing the [HOA financials] is above the user’s pay grade”

Hi Homeowners and Renters,

If you get this goofy message, pop me an email at and let me know. It means I haven’t been keeping up on new users and assigning them to groups. Plus, I occasionally miss one!

My apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused.


Please watch your pets this 4th of July holiday season!

Hello All,

As evidenced on many social networking sites already, people are losing their pets because the fireworks already going off has scared them half to death and they’ve bolted.

So, please keep your pets safe, indoors, or if you must be outdoors remember to have your beloved family pet tethered with a strong leash nearby (preferably within arm’s reach) and in a harness, and/or be in your arms and make sure you can control them so that they don’t run for what they deem to be the nearest “shelter,” which is, sad to say, not where you can find them and you and your family member’s lives are changed irrevocably and forever.

Some people are blessed enough to be reunited with their family members and some are not. The fireworks will only continue to get longer in duration and louder and will continue after the 4th. The people who set these off, don’t care about the laws governing how high or how far fireworks can go or how long they can continue to set them off for that matter. The days get pushed further out and for the past few years have been setting them off for New Year’s. Who knows what the future holds?

Mahalo! Nancy

Member Login – Update

Since I’m making major changes to the website this evening, including security, it will now be necessary to have a legitimate member login to view some of the pages on the website. If you attempt to view something that requires a login, you will be redirected to the login page.

Please make sure you have or set up a user/member login to access things like financial documents, minutes, Times, etc.

Thanks for your patience while the website is undergoing these changes.