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We live on the corner of 207th & Wright St. Aloha, OR I'm currently the webmaster, & Full-charge Bookkeeper for the Association.

Major updates to the website!


Tonight I am making some major changes to the website, including but not limited to, security updates, login changes, page shuffling and additions, etc.

The site will still be live, but there may be some things you won’t be able to access for a while, or links may be broken, so be prepared! Thanks in advance for your patience and understanding!


Power Outage!

At approximately 7:45 am the power went out.  It’s now 8:09 am. You may notice that we have 50 mph winds going on, so I’m fairly certain this is the cause. The number for reporting a power outage to PGE, is 503-464-7777. The number is also listed on our home page. I hope the power is restored soon!