Realtor/Title Co. Documents

These are all of the documents and information frequently requested by Realtors and Title Companies. If there is any information you need that is NOT listed here, please contact Nancy Brewer via email:  
For specific account information, please send an email to and/or . Scroll down all the way to the bottom, please.

Current CCHOA Board of Directors

Cross Creek HOA Board of Directors is strictly  a volunteer board from the homeowners who live in the association. No management company is involved.

CCHOA CCRs – 2010 Recorded

CCHOA ByLaws – 2010 Recorded


Property Standards Regulations – Approved June, 2015

Nov, 2015 Property Standards Advisory Letter

There are no documents or policies relating to age restrictions, or restrictions on rental of homes or units. Any restrictions on pets are already covered in the CC&Rs.

Street parking is managed by Washington County ordinances and signage posted on streets.

Current budget and copy of Insurance Documents

CCHOA Collections Resolution – 9/8/16

Resolution March, 2013 on Satellite Dishes

Resolution, March, 2013 on Childcare

CCHOA Assessment Resolution – March, 2014

Signed CCHOA Assessment

CCHOA Meeting Minutes

The HOA Dues are currently an annual fee of $360 by a majority vote of the Cross Creek Homeowners on 6/9/16.

There are no notices relating to any potential special assessments and there are no demands or claims made by or against Cross Creek HOA.

Reserve Study

For a current balance of the Reserve Fund account, contact the treasurer at .

To view the contents of the Welcome Packet, which every new homeowner receives, click here.

We do not have any information on the financial information or Board of Directors for Rosa Park Condos or Cross Creek Village Condos. They are separate entities and you will need to contact them. See the Realtor’s Information Page for this information.

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