Realtor Information

Important information for realtors:

Contact the bookkeeper, Mira Wagstaff at .
Only i
n Mira’s absence, contact the current treasurer, at for information needed on Request for HOA Demands.

We do have a $20 transfer fee. As of 6/9/16 the annual dues are now $360 by a unanimous vote of the majority of the homeowners as per our CC&R requirements. The last increase was in 2006 when the dues were raised from $180 to $240.

While we have a total of 309 separate units in the Cross Creek HOA, 27 of these units are condos under the auspices of Rosa Park Condos and 18 of them are Cross Creek Village Condos, leaving a total of 264 individual homes that are NOT condominiums. Cross Creek Village & Rosa Park Condos have their own associations and those associations are the ones who will have the insurance information on the condo buildings, and how much dues are for their respective entities. We do not.

In short, Cross Creek Village & Rosa Park Condo units are members of 2 HOAs, ours and theirs. Cross Creek Village Condo Assn. does not have a website.

For information on Rosa Park Condominiums, visit and you can get the needed information that can only be provided on these condominiums. Do a search on Rosa Park Condo, then click on the name that pops up. You will be asked to either sign in or create an account on the site. You can also contact Michael A. Kallas at .

Cross Creek Village Condos Board of Directors

Please do NOT ask the secretary of our association for this type of information as the bookkeeper and treasurer are the only 2 persons who have access to it. Our secretary takes meeting minutes and organizes paperwork.

For all the information you may need to complete your real estate transactions, click here. If there is anything that is not on this page, please contact the site administrator to ensure any needed information is placed on this page.

Phone numbers: Treasurer: 503-649-9346 (HOA #)
Bookkeeper: 971-238-4544 (call or text) OR you may leave a message on the Cross Creek message phone at 503-649-9346.
Be aware that messages left at this number are
NOT immediately retrieved. If you wish to speak to
someone immediately, please call the numbers listed above, or visit the
Board & Staff page for any other information you may wish to obtain.

We are not affiliated in any way with Carlin HOA, Deline HOA or Arbor Vineyards. If you’re unsure if an address is in our HOA, please check the document below:

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