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The Pool is now closed for the season. Thanks to everyone who made 2018 swim season great!

The time reserved as Family Swim means that parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc. are in the water with the rest of the family. This way, families can enjoy swim time together. If you don’t want to get into the water, then come during open swim. Your cooperation is very much appreciated!

Swimming Pool and Recreation Center Rules_June 2018
Pool Registration Form


The rate for the 2019 season swim lessons is TBD.


During the pool season, those over 18 who want a little quiet time to swim are encouraged to participate in the early bird swim. See form below.
Cross Creek HOA Early Bird (Fillable Form)

Rec. Center News & Information

Thinking of renting the Rec Center? Here in Cross Creek HOA we have the benefit of renting out the newly updated and repaired Recreation Center to our community at a great price. If you are looking into applying for a rental date, the first thing you should do is look at the Rec Center Calendar to see which dates are available. Once you have selected a date, fill out the application below. We request separate payments for the rental fee and the deposit. The rental fee may be in cash, but we prefer the deposit to be in check form because we will dispose of  or return the deposit check afterwards if no damages are incurred.

Rec. Center Kitchen. No one except employees of Cross Creek HOA are allowed to use the kitchen in the Rec. Center during pool hours. No exceptions! Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.
Rec Center Rental Agreement_Fillable Form June 2018

After completing the form, please drop it and any deposit checks off in the Rec. Center drop box (located in the middle of the Rec Center on the outside to the right of the doors in the mail slot.) If you have any questions or comments regarding the Rec. Center, please send an email to: g.

The important things to know about renting the Rec. Center for your event are listed on the Rental Agreement. Please look them over carefully.

We hope you have a great event!

***IMPORTANT: Due to a misunderstanding with a homeowner in a neighboring association, we must make it very clear that no one who lives outside the association will be able to rent the Rec. Center. No exceptions. If you happen to know someone who lives or rents in the association, they may make the rental and you may attend the event. But, that person is solely responsible for it and MUST attend the event.*** The renter must also provide proof they own or rent in the association and the owner is a member in good standing.

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