Cross Creek Homeowner’s Association (CCHOA)

20555 SW Rosa Rd.
Aloha, OR   97078-3712

Phone: 503-649-9346
Please make careful note that this phone is NOT answered immediately. You can either leave a voice mail (non-urgent) or contact a board member directly for a more timely response. See the Board & Staff members page for this information.

For non-members, please visit our POSTS page for the latest news and updates.

For members and renters, you may view this POSTS page. You must have a valid login to proceed to this page. Otherwise, you will be re-directed to the  login page. If you don’t have a valid login and are a member/homeowner or a renter, please register.

For more information about CCHOA, please visit the ABOUT CCHOA page. Please also visit the FAQ page.


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Page created: 02/06/16