Cross Creek Homeowner’s Association (CCHOA)
20555 SW Rosa Rd.
Beaverton, OR 97078-3712
Phone: 503-649-9346

Please make careful note that this phone is NOT answered immediately. You can either leave a voice mail (non-urgent) or contact a board member directly for a more timely response. See the Board & Staff members page for this information.
If an urgent association situation exists, please contact a board member directly.

*****The board of directors for Cross Creek is a volunteer board, which means we are a self-maintained association and not one maintained by a Property Management company. This saves us, as homeowners, a lot of money as to hire a Property Management company would increase our yearly dues. Since 1992, there have been only 2 dues increases – by a majority vote of the homeowners – and having a self-maintained board keeps our dues low, even though we have a pool and common property such as walking paths, parks, and a Rec. Center.

REALTORS: Contact the treasurer or bookkeeper for HOA demands. or .

Please welcome Maria Flemming and Tinsia Hardman to the board, filling the positions vacated by Kelli Smyth and Steve Keller. We thank you both for your years of service to the community!

For short, informational posts about the HOA, the website, etc., please visit the POSTS page. They are available to all. Archived posts can be accessed here.

For more information about CCHOA, please visit the ABOUT CCHOA page. Please also visit the FAQ page.

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