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We encourage teens to place an ad for babysitting or landscaping (moving lawns, etc.) services here.

PC Repair and Training: Windows PCs, Macs, & printers!

* Ever feel like throwing your computer out the window?
* Don’t know how to use that new operating system?
* Need help with your software?
* Having problems with your printer?
* Having issues connecting to your wireless network?
* Just switched to a Mac from a Windows PC?
I can help you understand your brand-new operating system.

Contact Nancy Brewer

  • Flexible hours, by appointment
  • In your home
  • Cross Creek resident since Feb., 1992.
  • Reduced rates for CCHOA residents!

Call now to make an appointment!

Need a realtor who lives in the neighborhood?

Elisa Buckley (image to follow)


Need housecleaning services?


Carolina Beltran
Hablo Español


Need notary services for those important legal documents?

Richard F. Gorton

Transit Fee $5.00
Will come to your home or meet you at a coffee shop or ?

Contact info:

Member of the National Notary Association