The Cross Creek Rec Center can be rented and used privately- for birthday parties, work events, meetings, and more!

Only Cross Creek HOA residents (owners/renters) may rent the facility and their account must be in good standing to qualify. No-one who lives outside the CCHOA boundaries may rent the facility, no exceptions.

During the pool season (mid June through Labor Day) the Rec Center can ONLY be rented as part of a pool party rental and these rentals are restricted to Friday and Saturday nights and must be booked in advance to ensure proper staffing. There are no private parties allowed on Opening Weekend (see Pool page for the official pool opening date).

The rest of the year (September – mid June) when the pool is closed for the season, there are no restrictions on days, or times of day, that the Rec Center building can be rented for private parties.


Please note that Board Members often hold full-time jobs and are not available to respond immediately. Last minute bookings do not work well so be sure to allow plenty of time for responses! As a general rule, text or calling (and leaving a message if no answer) is the fastest, but we still ask that you allow at least 3-4 days response time.

1 – Check the Rec Center calendar for availability.

2 – Review the Rec Center Rental Rules and Guidelines document to ensure you can comply with all the requirements and rules.

3 – Contact the Rec Center Coordinator (Board Member) to determine if the date is truly available and ask them how they would like the form delivered to them. (If you drop it in the mail slot at the Rec Center, be sure to contact them to let them know it’s there- the mailbox is not checked daily).

4 – Fill out the Rec Center Rental Agreement completely and write the checks payable to Cross Creek HOA. Deliver this to the Rec Center Coordinator (via their preferred method).

NOTE: Your date cannot be secured until you have paid the deposit and rent fees, so it is recommended that you include those checks in your envelope.

Your date is not guaranteed until you hear confirmation from the Rec Center Coordinator

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Last Updated on 06/16/2024