FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) about CCHOA

Q: How do I get the CCHOA welcome packet?
1) Send an email to and a welcome packet will be sent to you in the mail. All of the documents that  are in the packet are also online, such as forms and a plat map of the association.
2) Or  click here
for the entire welcome packet in downloadable form.
Q: How much are the annual dues?
A: $360 by a unanimous vote of the homeowners on 6/9/16.
Q: I didn’t buy my home using a realtor (or RLS) system. Do I still have to abide by the CC&Rs and the various rules and regulations?
A: Yes, absolutely.
Q: Do I still have to pay the annual dues?
A: Again, yes.
Q: How are my annual dues used?
A:  We have a number of amenities in Cross Creek including: an outdoor pool; a Recreation Center; an RV storage lot; 2 sport courts; pathways; 3 bridges over Butternut Creek that runs through CCHOA; 4 playgrounds with swings & “Big Toys.”
Since the association was built in 1974, a lot of these amenities are aging and need upkeep/repair and/or replacement. The pathways have already been done, plus the sport courts. The playgrounds are still in decent shape. The Rec. Center was repaired and upgraded in the spring of 2018, so our attention will now be focused on updating the pool.  We also have paid lifeguards during the summer, and  currently, 1 year-round staff member.
During the year we also host association/community events at the Rec. Center, such as the National Night Out event, usually on the 1st Tuesday in August.
The website comes with small expenses: web host, domain name, and the website administrator.
We also pay a professional landscaper to keep the common grounds looking nice. This includes keeping weeds out of the RV Lot, mowing the grass on the common ground, trimming trees, etc.
There are other miscellaneous expenses, too numerous to list here. If you want a list, contact the Bookkeeper at .
Q: If I don’t use the pool, shouldn’t I get a discount on my dues?
A: No, the amenities are for use by everyone – unless they are not a member in good standing. The realtor would have informed you that the existing amenities were available and that we have Covenants, Conditions, & Restrictions before you signed the loan and purchase papers. The amenities need to be paid for, regardless whether you use the pool, walking paths, parks with “Big Toys” or the Rec. Center.
Q: Are the board members paid for their service?
A: No. The Board of Directors are strictly volunteers from homeowners who live in the association.
Q: Who do I make the dues check out to?
A: CCHOA (short for Cross Creek Homeowner’s Association) suffices.
Q: Where do I send my dues payment?
A: There are 2 options:
1) Mail your payment to: CCHOA 20555 SW Rosa Rd. Aloha, OR   97078-3712
2) Put your payment in a sealed envelope. Write the lot number and/or address and your name on the envelope and state that it’s a DUES payment and slip the envelope into the mail slot on the front of the Rec. Center, located in the wall to the right of the entry doors.
Q: Does CCHOA accept credit cards or electronic payment options?
A: Not at this time. We are considering this option for the future. However, you can set up an automatic payment through your bank’s bill pay feature. Contact your financial institution for instructions on how to accomplish this.
Q: Who can rent the Rec. Center?
A: Only homeowners or verified renters in good standing within CCHOA may rent the Rec. Center. We do not rent the Rec. Center to anyone who does not rent or own within the Cross Creek Association, no exceptions. For more information on the Rec. Center, please review documents here.
Q: How many spaces can I rent in the RV Lot?
A: Only one. Since we don’t have as many spaces as we have lots, and always have a waiting list,  homeowners are limited to one RV space. To find out more or get your name on the waiting list send an email to

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Page created: 07/23/17