Property Standards

For the current Property Standards board member information, please visit the Board & Staff Member page.

All Property Standards rules and regulations can be found on the HOA Documents page, but they are listed here as well for convenience.

As a reminder, any changes to the exterior of your home or yard require a PIP form to be submitted to the board PRIOR to beginning any work.

Property Improvement (PIP) Form:

Property Standards Regulations

The board appreciates each and every homeowner adhering to these standards and below is a quick outline of the ‘hotlist’ items that seem to get the most complaints:

  • Leaving trash cans out past pick-up day. Please be sure to keep them behind your fence or in your garage.
  • Dog doo. Please pick up after your pets. Please also be courteous of the homes with yards along the sidewalks and streets- don’t allow your pet to do their business in someone’s front yard. Save it for the common areas and be sure to clean up after them.
  • Barking dogs. If your dogs bark non-stop when you are away from your home, please secure them in a way that they are not a noise nuisance to the neighborhood.

This page last updated: 05/25/2022

Last Updated on 05/25/2022