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Check the Legal Address!!

This HOA is only for homes with the legal address of CROSS CREEK, CROSS CREEK No. 2, CROSS CREEK No. 3 and CROSS CREEK No. 6.

If the Legal Address is CROSS CREEK No. 4 or CROSS CREEK No. 5, those homes are not part of the Cross Creek HOA and instead belong to the Deline Homeowners Association. We are also not affiliated with any CROSS CREEK SOUTH addresses.

Also note: there are two condominium associations within our HOA boundaries: the Rosa Park Condos (Legal Description “Rosa Park Condo” and Cross Creek Village Condos (Legal Description “Cross Creek Village Condo”, which both have their own associations.

If you are on this page because you need information on a Rosa Park or Cross Creek Village condo, you will need to contact those associations directly for information. Those associations also pay dues to the Cross Creek Homeowner’s Association so you may need to fill out two HOA demands (one for each association).

HOA Demands…

HOA demands should be sent to the bookkeeper at If you do not get a timely response, please contact the Treasurer- on our contacts page.

Please also have the buyer complete this document: contact form

There is a $20.00 transfer fee. Dues are $360.00 per year.

There are no notices relating to any potential special assessments and there are no demands or claims made by or against Cross Creek HOA.

HOA Documents….

All of the HOA documents can be found HERE.

There are no documents or policies relating to age restrictions, or restrictions on the number of rental homes allowed. Any restrictions on pets are covered in the CC&Rs.

Last Updated on 05/14/2024