RV Lot

Page last updated: 08/13/2020
Page created: 11/11/18


Q: How often is my RV Lot paperwork due?
A: Yearly. Please send in the paperwork with your payment.

Q: When are the RV lot fees due?
A: Right when you receive the invoice. The payments should all be received no later than the end of July.

Q: How much are the RV lot fees?
A: $10/month, billed annually, unless you are able to rent a space prior to the billing period, then the bill is prorated to $10/month for the amount of months prior to the billing period.

Q: When is the RV lot billing period?
A: The invoices for the RV Lot go out some time in very early June and are mailed the same time as the HOA Dues invoices.

Q: How do I get on the RV Lot waiting list?
A: Contact the current RV Lot administrator at the email below. Look at the board and staff page to get a current name and phone number.

If you have any other questions about the RV lot, the documents above should answer them. If they don’t, contact the current RV Lot Coordinator at