The Cross Creek Rec Center offers arcade video games, foosball, ping pong, billiards, a variety of board games, books, and a lounging area with sofas and a TV. There is also a small library of books that you can browse and borrow at your leisure!


The Cross Creek Rec Center is open for walk-in use during the summer months- typically opening the 1st Saturday after school is out, and remaining open daily through Labor Day. The daily hours of operation are the same hours in which the pool is open (see Pool page for hours).


For more information on renting the Rec Center, click here.

The Rec Center can be rented and used privately- for birthday parties, work events, meetings, and more. Only CCHOA residents may rent the facility, and their account must be in good standing to qualify. During the pool season (mid June through Labor Day) the Rec Center can ONLY be rented as part of a pool party rental and these rentals are restricted to Friday and Saturday nights and must be booked in advance to ensure proper staffing. The rest of the year there are no restrictions on days, or times of day, that the building can be rented. Please check the Rec Center calendar for availability.

Last Updated on 05/30/2023