Board Job Duties

Board Member’s Job Duties (summaries)


  • Attend monthly meeting
  • Facilitate meeting
  • Assist the whole team as needed

Vice President

  • Attend monthly meeting
  • Responsible for employees of the HOA – Lifeguards
  • Assist with pool maintenance and monitoring during the summer months
  • Assist the President in his/her absence
  • Assist the whole team as needed
  • HOA dues collector
  • Uncovering and preparation of pool before opening day.
  • Winterizing and cover pool at close of season.

Property Standards

  • Attend monthly meeting
  • Look for potential problem area throughout the community
  • Start with a conversation to correct the issue
  • Send friendly reminder postcard is action hasn’t been taken
  • Reach out to community for help or support for those who cannot maintain their property


  • Attend monthly meeting
  • Write minutes for each meeting
  • Send typewritten minutes to webmaster for posting on the HOA website
  • Maintain the file room and organize all pertinent documentation belonging to the HOA.
  • Receive newcomers to the area by a personal greeting and a welcome packet
  • Assist the whole team as needed


  • Attend monthly meeting
  • Signatory power (along with President and VP) on the checking and savings accounts
  • Maintain and monitor spending resolution minutes for BOD
  • Reconcile bank accounts monthly
  • Assist the whole team as needed
  • Assess monthly finance charges on past due accounts (B)
  • Prepare and mail yearly dues invoices and RV Lot invoices (B)
  • Receive and apply payments from homeowners (B)
  • Complete title requests for home sales (B)
  • Complete process of turnover to attorney for delinquent accounts (B)
    *(duties assigned to bookkeeper in job description indicated with a (B)

Maintenance Chair

  • Attend monthly meeting
  • Meet with contractors or techs to gather information to present to the board
  • Gather and present estimates from contractors for upgrades or repairs
  • Schedule contractors or techs for repair(s)
  • Maintain Rec. Center, parks, walking paths, “No-Man’s Land,” and sport/tennis courts
  • Assist the whole team as needed

Rec. Center/RV Lot Coordinator

  • Attend monthly meeting
  • Work with members want to rent the Rec. Center. Manage the paperwork and checks associated with each rental.
  • Ensure each renter is a member in good standing by checking with the bookkeeper.
  • Ensure residents have everything needed for the day of the rental and understanding the cleaning rules. Inspect the Rec. Center after a rental has completed.
  • Make sure the Rec. Center is stocked with toilet paper and paper towels and is ready for each party.
  • RV Lot
  • Fill open slots when available.
  • Answer any questions residents may have regarding the RV Lot.
  • Maintain records on RVs in the lot, making sure they have current licensing and insurance.
  • Assist the whole team as needed.

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