Scams/Annoying Phone Calls

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Know this: most of these perps/bad guys are virtually untraceable. You may see a phone number that shows up, you may not. However, phone numbers can be spoofed, meaning someone can call you and the number that shows up won’t be the one they’re calling from.

by Nancy Brewer – 7/15/19
Just this morning, I received a phone call from a scammer who knew my name and “knew” I had Norton. He then proceeded to inform me that Norton was going to charge my credit card $599 for the Norton subscription. I was not awake yet and so became angry and informed this joker that I was *not* going to have my credit card charged $599 by Norton or more accurately by him and his scammer buddies.
He then said that if I wasn’t going to pay the $599 (he was very specific about that amount) then I had to immediately remove Norton from my system. He proceeded to give me specific instructions on how to type in www.(something).me in the run box of all things – these instructions were for Windows. I presume this was to let this guy have free rein of my computer to uninstall Norton, then put whatever malware/ransomware he wanted on my computer. I hung up.
Now most guys would leave me alone. Not this one! He called back. After a few choice words by me which can’t be repeated (I used this because it usually makes them angry when you do this) and constantly and literally screaming in this moron’s ear, LIAR! LIAR! LIAR! more times than 3, I might add, I hung up on him again. This guy was unflappable! Didn’t get angry or anything, just kept right on with his script. He repeatedly called back until I could get my wits about me, pay attention to the phone number that showed up the same every time and blocked him!
People, don’t fall for this. DO NOT let this guy do what he wants to do just to get him off your back.

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