neighborhood watch

This page is dedicated to the Neighborhood Watch Program for our Association. Let’s make this a safer place to live!

This Neighborhood Watch page and its sub-pages will constantly be updated as I get more information. I am creating many sub-pages, based on the list below, but a good deal of them will be empty until I get appropriate information.

Amy Terrones was good enough to provide a Neighborhood Watch manual. Here it is for download. I can spearhead this program, but will definitely need assistance!

Amy is contacting the Land Use & Transportation about the Neighborhood Watch signs. If I’m not mistaken, there is one left – in poor condition – at the west end of the association on the South side of Rosa Rd. as you enter from 209th Ave.
 Amy does’t know if they have a limit on the signs or what their requirements are, but she will let us know when she hears back from them.

If anyone has any suggestions for other topics, please contact me at

Link to useful forms for home security checklist and inventory.

Our first Neighborhood Watch meeting went very well and I’d like to schedule more meetings with specific topics listed below:

For those of you who are not on Facebook, and would like to attend Neighborhood Watch meetings, check the Rec. Center Calendar for event listings. If you would like to get involved, please send an email to Nancy Brewer at

Personal Safety
Child Safety
Internet Safety
CPR & First Aid (TVF&R)
Fire Prevention (TVF&R)
Victim/Witness Services (Sheriff)
Scams/Annoying Phone Calls
Observation Skills
Bike & Pedestrian Safety (Sheriff)
Safety Tips for Seniors (Sheriff)
Home Security (Sheriff)
Recognizing Substance Abuse
Holiday Precautions
Disaster Preparedness
Gun Safety
National Night Out (NNO)
ID Theft (Sheriff)

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Page created: 07/11/19