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Online invoicing

This year CCHOA has switched to QuickBooks online. This means a lot of things, but a big one is that we are going GREEN! This means less stamps, envelopes, paper, toner and, the biggest one of all, TIME!

To help us in this endeavor, please opt in to receive your HOA invoices, statements, etc. via email.

Please contact the bookkeeper at or 503-310-3274 and answer with either a yes or no and if it’s a yes, then please either verify or supply us with your email address.

We appreciate it very much. 😁
Nancy Brewer, Bookkeeper

Happy Halloween!

We hope everyone had an enjoyable Halloween and had lots of trick-or-treaters. :^)

My vote for the “best” Halloween decorations is for the house on the SW corner of 207th & Rosa Rd. – even though the decorations got blown all over the place on the 30th!

Power Outage!

At approximately 7:45 am the power went out. Β It’s now 8:09 am. You may notice that we have 50 mph winds going on, so I’m fairly certain this is the cause. The number for reporting a power outage to PGE, is 503-464-7777. The number is also listed on our home page. I hope the power is restored soon!