New board member

Also, please plan to attend the April , 2019 meeting, as 2 or 3 of the folks currently on the board will have served 3 years and will be relinquishing their positions.

 Please welcome Windi Holland as the newest board member on the CCHOA Board and who has assumed the Maintenance position! Her contact information is on the Board and Staff page.

2018 Annual Garage Sale

The annual CCHOA garage sale is on June 22-24, Friday-Sunday. Participate in one or all days.

CCHOA will place signs up at Rosa on 198th and on 209th. Individual homes are responsible for placing signs within the neighborhood. Please be respectful of our neighbors at the corners where signs are usually placed. These signs MUST be removed as soon as the sale is over.

“accessing the [HOA financials] is above the user’s pay grade”

Hi Homeowners and Renters,

If you get this goofy message, pop me an email at and let me know. It means I haven’t been keeping up on new users and assigning them to groups. Plus, I occasionally miss one!

My apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused.