Please watch your pets this 4th of July holiday season!

Hello All,

As evidenced on many social networking sites already, people are losing their pets because the fireworks already going off has scared them half to death and they’ve bolted.

So, please keep your pets safe, indoors, or if you must be outdoors remember to have your beloved family pet tethered with a strong leash nearby (preferably within arm’s reach) and in a harness, and/or be in your arms and make sure you can control them so that they don’t run for what they deem to be the nearest “shelter,” which is, sad to say, not where you can find them and you and your family member’s lives are changed irrevocably and forever.

Some people are blessed enough to be reunited with their family members and some are not. The fireworks will only continue to get longer in duration and louder and will continue after the 4th. The people who set these off, don’t care about the laws governing how high or how far fireworks can go or how long they can continue to set them off for that matter. The days get pushed further out and for the past few years have been setting them off for New Year’s. Who knows what the future holds?

Mahalo! Nancy

Member Login – Update

Since I’m making major changes to the website this evening, including security, it will now be necessary to have a legitimate member login to view some of the pages on the website. If you attempt to view something that requires a login, you will be redirected to the login page.

Please make sure you have or set up a user/member login to access things like financial documents, minutes, Times, etc.

Thanks for your patience while the website is undergoing these changes.


Major updates to the website!


Tonight I am making some major changes to the website, including but not limited to, security updates, login changes, page shuffling and additions, etc.

The site will still be live, but there may be some things you won’t be able to access for a while, or links may be broken, so be prepared! Thanks in advance for your patience and understanding!


Power Outage!

At approximately 7:45 am the power went out.  It’s now 8:09 am. You may notice that we have 50 mph winds going on, so I’m fairly certain this is the cause. The number for reporting a power outage to PGE, is 503-464-7777. The number is also listed on our home page. I hope the power is restored soon!